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Benefits of Membership

If you’re interested in the DCSMPR, it’s likely you’re a marketing or public relations professional or small business owner looking for a competitive advantage. The Society offers you the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers to whom you can turn when resources are scarce and results matter.

The Society would like to extend an invitation to join the local area’s only marketing and public relations-focused professional societies. Discounted annual dues apply to students and companies or organizations that have three or more employees as members.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the DCSMPR

1. Monthly Lunch-and-Learn
Society members meet as a group one afternoon each month at a local restaurant to learn about a different marketing or public relations topic or small business strategy. These lunches are structured to encourage problem-analysis and solving and a business professional is brought into each lunch to speak about roadblocks, opportunities and strategies surrounding the chosen topic.

2. Networking
The Society fosters a non-threatening atmosphere of mutual cooperation and respect. Members make connections with other local business leaders, knowing they can comfortably pick up the phone and get sound advice.

3. Annual Educational Conference
Held each fall at a local venue, this must-attend conference features local and regional speakers who discuss cutting-edge trends in marketing and public relations, case studies that showcase new strategies and tactics, and sessions that highlight current marketing, public relations and small business concerns.

Hands-on workshops are tailored to the varied needs of members so that both small business owners and professional at larger organizations learn skills and tactics they can implement on return to the office. The conference is also a great place to network with peers and share experiences.

4. Webinars
The Society will conduct online web sessions – or webinars – throughout the year to provide a simple and cost-effective way for members to learn the latest trends in marketing, public relations and advertising. Focusing on a case-study format, the sessions will present a business problem, illustrate the steps taken to overcome it and then analyze and discuss the solution.

5. Blog, Social Networks and E-Newsletter
Using today’s social media, members will have access to daily-updated news, commentary and articles on a variety of topics related to marketing, public relations, promotions, advertising and small business concerns.

The monthly electronic newsletter will also present recaps of articles, news and event announcements as well as new content provided by members for the interest of the Society.

6. Awards Program
The annual communications awards program is judged by marketing professionals outside of the Society, so there’s little danger of politics influencing the recognition process. Instead, the Society whole-heartedly acknowledges and rewards those individuals, companies and organizations whose work rises above the expected to communicate clearly, concisely and creatively using their unique message.

7. Access to Preferred Vendors
Members gain exposure to vendors that can provide them the marketing, advertising and public relations support they are looking for. By utilizing an associate member of the Society for your provider needs, you are assured that the vendor is attuned to your concerns, familiar with the strategies and tactics the Society is advocating and has a local connection and understanding of the market.

8. Private Members-Only Area
The Society’s new web site will feature a member roster with contact information (editable by the members to safeguard privacy), a discussion area where members can discuss relevant topics and give/get advice, and a list of associate members – or preferred vendors – with their areas of specialty and contact information.

9. Professional Development and Prestige
Membership in the DCSMPR is a privilege and is recognizes as an extra effort that a business professional makes to distinguish themselves from their competition. Besides simply looking good on a resumé, membership offers opportunities for professional development, leadership and the sense of pride and satisfaction that comes when you are helping out a fellow businessperson.

10. Fun
All work and no play can be stressful – especially in today’s work environment and economy. The Society is dedicated to helping you both professionally, so when you attend an event, expect to enjoy it.

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